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Greetings Everyone,
  We need  help fundraising for a bus to move a group of orphans in Ukraine to safety in Germany. I got in touch with the founder of the orphanage, Sergey Drok, who is from Ukraine but now lives in Ashville NC with his wife and daughter. His English is isn't great so I spoke with his wife for a long time. She confirmed that for the last 22 years he has gone back and forth to Ukraine to help there and he started the orphanage. They have even facilitated 21 US adoptions. He will be going back soon to travel to Germany with the children. The use of a 50 person bus would cost a little over 3K US but the orphanage also needs money for food and other expenses related to relocation and the care of these children. 
They  are real children. I know all of them and all their teachers.

This is a voice of children who needs your help :
“We are 43 children from the orphanage "Perlynka". We really need to evacuate to a safe place. To do this, we need to pay transportation costs - a bus for 50 seats. We will be grateful to everyone who will lend a helping hand to little orphans from Ukraine “

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