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Act 4 Great

Nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to vulnerable population of Ukraine

Якщо Ви, або Ваші рідні постраждали під час воєнних дій і Вам потрібна будь-яка допомога, натискай сюди і наші волонтери зв’яжуться з Вами впродовж декілька годин. 


About    us


Act4great is a registered 501 (c )- 3 non-profit organization (EIN 88-1225691) based in the Bay Area, CA dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to vulnerable population of Ukraine.

Act4great provides financial, psychological, and informative support to vulnerable groups and individuals of Ukraine. We initiate new projects and collaborate on existing projects with partner organizations to support actions for great around the world. We’ve grown a diverse community of volunteers and collaborators across the US and Ukraine.

Our Mission

Providing refugees from Ukraine and their families with emergency assistance and adaptation training to create a foundation for long-term stability.

Creating opportunities for a better future for the members of the Ukrainian community that are struggling with consequences of the military actions.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that little ACT4great can change someone's life.

We work to facilitate the organic growth of resources for underprivileged families in the Ukrainian community by raising funds and building sustainable
relationships in the community.

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